Tips to win football bets

Some people think it’s very difficult to make money from football betting.
However, if it’s done using the right strategies, it can make you a lot of money.
But what kind of bets are the most profitable?
How can you increase your chances of winning?
Keep reading to learn more about football betting.

Types of bets in football


1X2 betting is one of the most straightforward types of football bets. In 1 X 2 betting, you place a stake on the only three possible outcomes of a football match:

  • The home team wins
  • The away team wins
  • The match ends in a draw

This is also known as a 3-Way bet.

Double Chance

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Like the name indicates, double chance betting is the way of placing a bet on a team for either winning or drawing, at the same time.
You win your bet if your chosen team either wins or draws. You only lose your bet when the team you bet on completely lost out.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is a strategy of betting that safeguards the bettor against the possibility of draws. A bettor either bets on home win or away win, reducing the effect of draw outcome to neutral.
If a draw happens after placing a Draw No Bet on a game, the bettor neither loses nor wins his stake on the bet. The bet is simply returned.

Over / under

This is when bets are placed against fulltime game scores. The bet is not merely staked on a win or lose for your chosen team, but also on the number of goals scored.
In a game between Arsenal and Chelsea for instance, bookmarkers might offer the odds of over 2.5 or under 2.5 for outcomes. Over 2.5 means that the total number of goals scored will be at least 3 or more goals. Under 2.5 means that total goals at the end of the game will be 2 or less.
If you placed a bet of over 2.5 and the game ends 2-1 or 2-2, you win. (As the total goal scores in the two possible outcomes are 3goals and 4 goals). Anything less than 2 goals and you lose your bet.

Both Teams to Score

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In Both Teams to Score it doesn’t matter who wins or loses the game.
Regardless of who wins, if both teams score at least one goal before the final whistle; you win your bet.


Handicap betting means factoring in the perceived strength of one team, and the weakness of the other into the game odds; for a bettor’s advantage.
Bookmarkers design this to balance the effect of perceived bias in teams’ abilities. A handicap is a positive or negative goal difference added to the overall result of the game.
Here are some common types of handicaps:

Level Handicap

Level Handicap: Team A and B are assumed to be equal in strength (no perceived bias), thus no handicap bias is assigned. So, both teams start off with 0 goals.
To win a level handicap bet, the punter will have to identify which team will score more goals in the game. If a draw happens, your bet will be returned to you.

Single Handicap

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In this type of handicap betting, the perceived superior team is assigned a suitable goal handicap (-0.5,-1, or -1.5) to level up with the supposed weak team, to provide a level playground for sports betting.
For example, if your stake is on a team with a handicap of -1, the team must win by more than one goal to cancel out the handicap.

Split Handicap

A split handicap is applied when both teams are evenly matched and there is little or no perceived difference in abilities. In this case, the handicap is simple split between the two.

Research before betting

Soccer betting is not like a straight game of chance or numbers. There are always strategies involved. Therefore, you need to do some research before placing any bets.
Your study should give you a good knowledge about the team you are going to bet on. Doing this puts you in a more advantageous position.

Team form

Before placing a bet on any team, you have to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the team. These statistics are often described as team form statistics.
There are factors that have to be considered in deciding a team form such as:

football bet tips

  • Team Stats
  • Number of goals scored and conceded
  • Team Posession

Home and away records

In betting, considering statistical scores of a team is very important. Records of a team’s home wins and away wins are very useful in evaluating its strength or otherwise.
Doing so will help you to more accurately predict how teams will perform against each other when placing your bets.

History between the two clubs

Historical data is very useful in predicting game scores when betting. It’s important to examine the past games between the two teams. This will shape your knowledge in predicting their game performances when next they come together for a match.
Let’s say Team A and B played against each other in the time past.
Did team A ever win team B?
What were the final scores?
Previous performances between team A and B will shape your judgment on their possible future performances.

Team news

You don’t have to stake your sport bets blindly, without having enough recent information on both teams.
You have to be conversant with the recent and current events in the team, to sharpen your knowledge on both teams. This will help you to predict accurately on both teams.
For instance, you need to know if a star player will miss an upcoming match, maybe due to injury. Then, you need to factor that impact into your football betting strategy.
It’s quite important to take the following into account:

  • Players on Suspension
  • Players who are injured
  • Unconfirmed players


Motivation is very relevant in every type of sport including Football. Several factors are responsible for motivation, but the main point is that motivation has to do the morale of actors.
Research has shown that when key players are transferred or injured, it negatively affects the performance of the rest of the team. You’ll need to consider that when placing your bets.


Game schedule is an important betting factor to consider, in assessing the viability of staking on a particular team.
Experts opine that game schedule can determine the outcome of a match. As a result, a serious bettor should note the schedules ahead of placing bets.
The fact is the number of game line-ups within a given period for team players has a great impact on such a team’s overall performance.
For example game schedules that leave a team with little or no time to rest saps a team’s energy, resulting in poor performance.

Common football betting mistakes

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With the advent of the internet, there are now several resources to guide people in their betting decisions.
Especially, there are also many sites that teach newbies how best to place their bets.
Yet, a lot still fall into common betting traps that occur over and over again.
This section will explain the most common mistakes punters make while betting.

Misunderstanding value

Values in sports betting are commonly represented in odds- the value of risk versus reward. As a matter of fact, sport betting values can be confusing. You need to have the correct understanding of values to place your bets right.
There are high odds and there are low odds. High odds do not always translate to a high probability of wins. Same goes for low odd games. High odds actually means higher level of uncertainty in a game.
The whole point is to maintain a safe balance between the risk value and reward ratio.

Betting with emotion

To be successful in your betting you need to overcome personal bias. As humans, we’re not completely immune from emotion bias. This also happens in sports betting.
For example, you’re likely going to have a favourite team as a bettor. So, when you place bets on your favourite team, be sure that you’re not betting based on emotion.
Always place your bets with facts and figures in mind.

Following the crowd


In betting, majority opinion isn’t always correct opinion. You should avoid basing your bet decisions on what the majority thinks.
You need to consider the fact there are many betting sites, and lots of their customers lose betting stakes. That goes to tell you that the crowd isn’t always right.

Sticking with losing systems

As a punter, you might have developed a particular betting system or strategy over time. But sometimes systems and strategies that once worked magic become failures.
When that happens, it’s time to change your strategy. Never stick with systems that have stopped working, or are out of touch with current realities.